Ursprung von Hitlers Idee für die Osterweiterung

2021.10.19 10:39 Yivanna Ursprung von Hitlers Idee für die Osterweiterung

Ich lese in letzter Zeit immer häufiger die These, dass sowohl die Nürnberger Rassengesetze, als auch 'Grund und Boden' von Hitler aufgrund des amerikanischen Vorbildes entwickelt wurden.
Mein Verständnis war, das die Lehrmeinung ist, dass, verkürzt gesagt, sich Darwinismus mit völkischer Denkweise vereint hat.
Diese Theorie über den amerikanischen Ursprung scheint dabei auf einigen meiner Meinung nach für Hitler typischen positiven Aussagen über Amerika/die USA zu stützen, die aber 1) selten überhaupt eine Quelle angeben, es für mich also zu zeitaufwendig machen den Kontext zu finden und 2) so oder so ähnlich von Hitler auch über andere Länder getroffen wurden.
Meine Frage ist jetzt, ob sich da jemand intensiver mit befasst hat und mir Quellen geben könnte und vielleicht ein paar Fragen diskutieren mag?
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2021.10.19 10:39 fuck_you_isayama Is the Harappan male torso from the Indus valley civilization?

This sculpture was found in the ruins of Harappa by archaeologist M.S. Vats in 1931. It is different from other IVC artifacts in the sense that it portrays an artstyle assumed to be first developed much later in Ancient Greece. I have also read that this torso is often dated to the Gupta period. If it is from the Gupta period, how did it get to the ruins of Harappa?
Is there any consensus on the origin of this torso?
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2021.10.19 10:39 Linkin_foodstamps Linguistics 101

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2021.10.19 10:39 AndreaColombo86 Unrelenting Assault & Extra Mythic Ability

I can never seem to select Unrelenting Assault when I use "Extra Mythic Ability" to pick a mythic ability instead of a mythic talent. I don't think I've seen this happen with any other ability.
Has anybody else experienced this? Is it a known bug? Intentional behavior for some reason?
I honestly can't even remember if I reported it XD

By the way, I stopped receiving confirmation emails upon submitting bugs via the internal reporting tool... same with everybody else?
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2021.10.19 10:39 millispymeth 👀✅TIME TO VOTE!✅🤝...take 10 seconds to vote...🤝

👀✅TIME TO VOTE!✅🤝...take 10 seconds to vote...🤝
  3. HIGH 5 YOURSELF....👏🤝✅
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2021.10.19 10:39 Bruh-_-_-_-_-_-_- Bruh

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2021.10.19 10:39 Angelajapan Halloween 2021: Horror House (10.19 - 11.8 11PM EDT)

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2021.10.19 10:39 redditnooooo Wild golden chanterelle risotto

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2021.10.19 10:39 jonboy2323 Tips for first using your Ooni

I'm a chef with no real professional pizza experience but I recieved my Ooni pro at the weekend and these are my tips for people starting out - make your dough well in advance. I use Jamie oliver pizza dough recipe because its easy and can be made with normal bread flour . Make a batch put it in fridge straight away and leave it in a large covered bowl for a few days .. the longer the better. - go easy on the toppings. To much toppings will make your pizza soggy -heat your Ooni until properly hot at least 20 mins on top heat - I use gas fuel but if using wood etc get the fire really going then wait 20 mins -sprinkle semolina on your paddle then put pizza dough on the paddle then add your toppings. Be quick the linger the dough is on the paddle the more chance it will stick -when putting the pizza in the oven one shift jerk should slide the pizza to the stone . Don't shake it off as your pizza might start to deform - leave pizza for 30 seconds to set the base then keep turning it with the paddle to even the cooking
Hope this helps
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2021.10.19 10:39 CastAway4367 Back when people were saying ASH was not coming to apex

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2021.10.19 10:39 michlermc Restpöstä - 5 vor 12i [Switzerland]

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2021.10.19 10:39 juanlucas666 Blues backingtrack

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2021.10.19 10:39 Kispa95 When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us ❤️🦶😍

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2021.10.19 10:39 BabyRaps Is it worth it to unlock the inter dimensional traveler? I wanna know if he’s even a good character to unlock

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2021.10.19 10:39 Cat_Beardington Thoughts on the roads/highways

Driving on roads and highways in Asheville area have been anything but smooth. The shortest on-ramps, traffic bottlenecks, long lights…to name a few.
I’ve heard the drivers here are bad but I think it’s the infrastructure and road/highway design that's the culprit.
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2021.10.19 10:39 gunskillerpoop How do i get the mobile version

I cant find it
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2021.10.19 10:39 yupitsmeagainhi Why do straight men like penises when straight women and gay men don't like vaginas? And why do straight men give less oral sex to vaginas than straight women and gay men give to penises? TRUTHFULLY. EXPLAIN IT TO ME.

Also are vaginas seen as more gross and taboo than penises?
Are gay men more opnley disgusted by and insulting towards vaginas than lesbians are towards penises?
And is society penis obsessed/are penises, boobs and butts appreciated more than vaginas and are men more fascinated by large penises than by vaginas?
Also if you look at the actuallesbians sub on Reddit, they always post about not caring about what genitalia a woman has, that they will suck a penis if it's on a woman and it's who the penis is attached to. Also I read many lesbians saying they watch gay porn, of 2 men and 2 penises.
Straight women and gay men however are exclusively into penises and gay men would never watch lesbian porn.
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2021.10.19 10:39 cunloz mono shurima

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2021.10.19 10:39 Niddie69 i feel guilty.

whenever i feel sad i can't talk to people about it because i was once that annoying girl who would only brings up her mental health in years 7-9... now that i'm in year 12 and about to finish i see how fucking cringe i was so it stops me from being able to talk about how i feel. i do try and sometimes i even manage to get out a paragraph to a friend but then feel really bad about it and change the subject but because i also think it's annoying when i do that i've stopped talking about feelings altogether. i'm more than happy to listen to a friend in need but i have convinced myself nobody wants to listen to me and i know thats bad.
i'm only saying this here because this will be forgotten within 2 mins of reading it.
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2021.10.19 10:39 Radiolytic Colour home printer for once-a-month usage - recommendations?

What would you like to accomplish? Would like to get a colour printer with reliable Airplay / Wifi connectivity (maybe multi-function, might just get a separate scanner). Will be mainly for printing colour photos for my family's school projects and the odd document or two. A small form factor is also important
Are there any models you are currently looking at? Looked at some Brother ones, but not specific models. Open to anything
Minimum Requirements:

Any other details: Would like a scanner of some kind, whether it be separate or built into the printer. I hear its better to have them be separate, I'm a little bit space conscious with how much room they'll take up, but ultimately it comes down to what is better value (happy to go either way).
If anyone has recommendations for a scanner, I'd love to hear what you'd recommend.
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2021.10.19 10:39 Purple_Quail_4193 On the eve of Genie: an article about the toxicity of Disney Parks fans

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2021.10.19 10:39 sodamint [INF全一] IIDX 3y3s SPA (MAX-67)

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2021.10.19 10:39 Raine_Murasaki_Ame My most recent tattoo. Medusa by Andrew (IG: andy_the_vandal) at A Fine Madness Tattoo Studio

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2021.10.19 10:39 Common-Government948 Stealing a Black Templar Black Sword?

Morning, I'm in love with the new Contekar terminator models and want to convert one to be my new Terminator clad Night Lords HQ. Fluff wise, I want to give him a Black Sword that he took from an Emperor's Champion he killed, would that be doable in fluff? Are the swords genecoded like Judge Dredd's gun? I like the idea that the Templars are well pissy at my lord and are hunting for the sword back.
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2021.10.19 10:39 YurchiyeWladimirwQb Anyone else with a fucked up family here who often gets intimidated to date someone with perfect family?

I want to emphasize in saying I don’t judge people for having a better childhood or adolescence than I had. However I noticed that often times I look for people who have not so perfect family. I think it’s because I feel like I get intimidated when I am surrounded by them because of the fear of being judged or what maybe normal for other families can be a triggering for me such as vacations or family dinner during the holidays. I am seeing a therapist to help me overcome this so hopefully I can be a good dad in the future, but anyone else experienced anything similar?
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