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Looking for good offers (gold messi - second pic)

2021.10.19 10:28 iceyps Looking for good offers (gold messi - second pic)

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2021.10.19 10:28 ContentForager 【FFBE】UPDATES! #56 Halloween 2021 Unit and Event!【Global】 (/r/FFBraveExvius)

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2021.10.19 10:28 jnor Paper is the end game!

So, my colleague asked me if I wanted to play Magic after work.
I’m like, not really, but alas I recall having watched some pretty cool stream of people playing physical magic cards on Twitch and I recall having the feeling of “wow, this thing is actually really “big” and pretty cool”.
Now I have been playing draft with friends every weekend for half a year. Just started attending FNM with my new modern deck. So, I’m still very new to this. I play MTGA and MTGO at home for practice. While it is kinda fun to play online, I don’t think it comes anywhere near playing actual paper.
And now my actual concern.. I really, really, really hope the bug tournaments will be with paper in the future, and that the last championship hosted on MTGA was just because of Corona.
I don’t want magic to become some low tier e-sport. I don’t want people to slowly stop playing paper, which I find to be way more entertaining. Please tell me that paper will be back :( It is quite disheartening when I think about Arena being the future of magic.. It’s just a tool, an extra addition, a way to reach the end goal.. Not “real magic”...
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2021.10.19 10:28 thebarcodelad My Argus isn't autofiring, can you help?

So my Argus isn't autofiring, which is infuriating as I bought it for that reason.
I've already tried a firmware update, which worked for about half a day, then it stopped again. I've cleaned the sensor multiple times as best as I could, q-tips, cotton balls, tissue paper, cloths, etc. and none of that worked. It's still just not autofiring.
Just for extra info, I'm running the 1.2 ohm TR-1s and I haven't had this issue before, either with my old Argus Air, or with my new Argus. I ensure the device is kept very clean and all leaks are mopped instantly and entirely, and although I keep it in my front pocket, it's protected from dust and water, etc.
I bought it in very early September, if that helps at all.
Is anybody able to help? Or any suggestions on what I should do?
Thanks in advance :))
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2021.10.19 10:28 Openthroat Mantras

Does anyone else pray by using a mantra along with a japa? I have been recommended by my astrologer to pray to Ganesh. He asked me to use, “AUM GAM GANAPATAYE NAMAHA,”. Since I had also asked him which mantra to use for financial abundance, he gave me the beej mantra to Lakshmi which is, “AUM SHREEM MAHALAKSHMIYEI NAMAHA,”. The mantras he gave me are based on my charts.
Is there a way to make the mantras faster and more potent?
Thank you!
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2021.10.19 10:28 aad33l_itachi Even the expert drivers fail in old city

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2021.10.19 10:28 AmbassadorWorf Ep 139: Auspicnominious (Lower Decks S2E10)

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2021.10.19 10:28 talon03 Spoiler Alert: No.

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2021.10.19 10:28 Unique_Ad_8590 Scale keeps changing numbers by the minute

F/24/unknown weight??
I'm on a weight loss journey, at the beginning of September I weighted at 81kg (178lbs), which was a result of a year and a half of effort to get to from 93kg (205lbs). All good, but then we moved house. In our new place, the bathroom is finally hard floor (not wood but still pretty even throughout).
In the one month we moved, i was obviously more active than usual, moving, packing and walking more. So get my surprise when I decide to finally step on the scale again after a month of no weighing to see the number 88kg. (194lbs). I was devastated, so I asked my partner to try and weight himself - his weight is a steady number.
This is where it gets tricky. I tried weighting myself again after him(he's lighter than my lowest weight) and the weight suddenly showed 85kg. (187lbs). Then I stepped on it again - 86kg. Stepped off, stepped on (always waiting for it to 0 out) - 89kg. Moved it, zeroed it out, 89kg. Moved it back to it's original position, 85kg.
What is happening?
Tdlr My partner weights exactly the same each time and every time we move the scale. My weight fluctuates by 5kg (11 lbs). My floor is even. I wait for the scale to 0 out before I step on it. It's a digital scale. I'm never leaning on/holding stuff/ touching wall. Always weight naked. If it shows the exact same weight for my partner consistently, what's the issue with me?
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2021.10.19 10:28 sawamoha20 Fatal Shooting of Unarmed Moroccan Man in Texas Sparks Uproar

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2021.10.19 10:28 fortunesofshadows Can you tell me more about the detective duo Tsuru and Kimihara?

What's their backstory, age, and do they the fucking sometimes? or are they not chads?
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2021.10.19 10:28 Crafty_Good_4455 hEy GuYs I mAdE a GlOcK

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2021.10.19 10:28 AmbassadorWorf Small point, but I'd like to see...

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2021.10.19 10:28 Hazo7__ No muscle over collar bone

Pretty much what title says, I’ve been hitting gym for a while now and have put on a good amount of size but my chest still looks very undeveloped because my collar bones show so badly. What can I do to cover these?
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2021.10.19 10:28 APKMirrorBOT Roposo: Live Video and Online Shopping App by Roposo

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2021.10.19 10:28 Kuuderechanyt The click is life, the click is death, the click is OwO and -w-

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2021.10.19 10:28 Chefmauke Check out my new collection of 12 unique Crypto Skulls at OpenSea:

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2021.10.19 10:28 AmbassadorWorf Trust Commander Riker

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2021.10.19 10:28 Sleepyzombie91 My recent realtime character- Neondusa!

Hello, First post here! This is my latest personal project. The original concept is made by a friend. For more information and more high res screenshots, please checkout the artstation link added in this post. Or just click here Screenshots taken from Marmoset Tollbag 4 with RTX
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2021.10.19 10:28 CLGOnDREA While the bug is still here, my Aldo achieved 255 light after 9 exact months from January 19 - when I started from his 1 Light point. 😻

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2021.10.19 10:28 godblesstheabortions ‘Go for it India’, says Health Minister as India nears 100 crore Covid vaccination milestone

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2021.10.19 10:28 Senseiziv_1712 [Help] [Ps4] [Ds3] prince lothric and lorian

I will can for a hand over here Password 777 Comment here first:)
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2021.10.19 10:28 beansexualgoose Who did this?

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2021.10.19 10:28 IceSlayer92 If MGOTW was rebranded as 'Permanent Bachelors' would people still have the negative view of it?

I recall even in the 1910's women were forming groups to confront the bachelor issue, forcing men to marry with shaming tactics and bullying language etc, it seems women have always been against men deciding to not get married.
Over time, some punishments developed into no more than a teasing game. In some parts of Germany, for instance, men who were still unmarried by their 30th birthday were made to sweep the stairs of the town hall until kissed by a "virgin".[14] In a 1912 Pittsburgh Press article, there was a suggestion that local bachelors should wear a special pin that identified them as such, or a black necktie to symbolize that "....they [bachelors] should be in perpetual mourning because they are so foolish as to stay unmarried and deprive themselves of the comforts of a wife and home."[15]
The idea of a tax on bachelors has existed throughout the centuries. Bachelors in Rome fell under the Lex Julia of 18 BC and the Lex Papia Poppaea of AD 9: these lay heavy fines on unmarried or childless people while providing certain privileges to those with several children.[3] In Britain, taxes occasionally fell heavier on bachelors than other persons: examples include 6 & 7 Will. III, the 1785 Tax on Servants, and the 1798 Income Tax.[3] In 1695, a law known as the Marriage Duty Act was imposed on single males over 25 years old by the English Crown to help generate income for the Nine Years' War.[16]

From the Wiki article, looks like men simply deciding to be single was punished and mocked.
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2021.10.19 10:28 AmbassadorWorf Malcolm Reed was the first undercover operative on a starfleet ship ...

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