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Released: October 2021 Exchange Server Security Updates (/r/exchangeserver)

2021.10.19 09:58 ContentForager Released: October 2021 Exchange Server Security Updates (/r/exchangeserver)

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2021.10.19 09:58 Notor1uz-kid Good Bedrock mods?

been searching the minecraft store for half an hour and cant find any mod that seems to actually add more content to the game besides the whole "sword but it does more damage" thing, does anyone know some good ones?
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2021.10.19 09:58 Olimato___ how do i tell the case on international cards?

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2021.10.19 09:58 The-Archangel-Michea How do I listen to Virgil's theme in-game?

So I recently beat DMC5, game was fucking awesome but how do I hear Virgil's theme in the game? I've already heard it on Spotify and Youtube but when I fought him it didn't play? Is there a special way to do it?
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2021.10.19 09:58 Dacaldha Are there any sites with EV calculations for European prices?

Title basically. Do you know of any sites (or tools) that calculate (current) EVs for European prices?
Or does anyone have something like a spreadsheet where I can simply fill in the prices and it calculated the EV?
I'm specifically looking for EVs of MH2 Collector boxes. But if there were some universal EV calculator that would be even better.
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2021.10.19 09:58 environmentind Leopardess missing, 2 cubs shifted to Gorewada: Maharashtra

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2021.10.19 09:58 sti_muli Audio driver issues on Nahimic 3. Unable use Panel

Recently removed AWCC and OC, replaced them with NBFC and Nahimic 3. Driver not compatible for all the 3 drivers available on the website. Unable to access the Nahimic 3 Panel. On BIOS 1.4.4. R5 Model . Drivers not compatible with Nahimic 3 panel:

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2021.10.19 09:58 Flappy_boii Is being a recipient of international sweepstakes/giveaway prohibited by law in Pakistan?

I was wondering if there are any laws in effect that would prohibit one from receiving prizes as a result of giveaways/sweepstakes
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2021.10.19 09:58 epaycrypto Airdrop polkastarter chia sẽ 100k$ từ dự án Polkastarter Gaming Guild

Hướng dẫn tham gia Airdrop polkastarter chia sẽ 100k$ từ Polkastarter Gaming Guild

Phần thưởng airdrop: Hơn 100 giải thưởng
Play 2 Earn PGG Ra mắt$ 100K + Rút thăm trúng thưởng Tham gia PGG (Polkastarter Gaming Guild) để có quyền truy cập sớm và có cơ hội giành được 100 nghìn đô la + rút thăm trúng thưởng NFT và Play2Earn.
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2021.10.19 09:58 666gun What is the one thing you can definitely flex on others about?

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2021.10.19 09:58 diya_09 #Sidemen8Years

Happy 8 Years Ladsss
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2021.10.19 09:58 TheCurious42 Elden Ring Delayed due to the depth & strategic freedom of the game exceeding initial expectations.

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2021.10.19 09:58 MarioToast My Idea For An Ace Attorney/Batman Crossover

Now, this seems like a fairly random crossover. A superhero comic and a law procedural video game series. However, in both there's plenty of fanciful murderers with pun names, and one of the most prominent Batman villains ever is a lawyer. He's the lynchpin in this bizarre idea I had.
The Setup: The Wright Anything Agency receives a distressing phone call: in the city of Gotham, famed supervillain Two-Face has kidnapped hundreds of people and put them inside a courthouse he has filled with explosives. He threatens to blow it up and kill everyone unless the Wright Anything Agency sends Phoenix Wright, Apollo Justice, Athena Cykes and whatever assistants they need to Gotham. As a deranged former district attorney, he has a fixation on the concepts of law and justice. And so, he has concocted a little test. A series of trials, in which he prosecutes innocent people for the murders committed by various Gotham City supervillains. He wants to see if justice can prevail even in such a lawless court. And, having heard of the various infamous trials the Ace Attorneys have won, he decided that they would be the perfect defenders.
The Court: The court is similar to the regular ones, with a few major differences: the audience is held hostage by explosives, the prosecutor is Two-Face, the bailiffs are armed goons, and the judge is Rā's al Ghūl. He finds Two-Face’s plan interesting, and agrees to be an impartial judge. He doesn’t care whether innocent people or supervillains are sentenced to death, for him this entire thing is mostly a chance to see the Wright Anything Agency in action for himself. Most cases have two supervillain witnesses, with both of them being accomplices in the murder.
Case 1: We’re All Mad Here: An introductory case with a single supervillain witness: The Mad Hatter. Mad Hatter isn’t very manipulative without his mind-controlling hats, so his nervous disposition and madness makes it fairly easy to poke holes in his testimony. The defendant is detective Harvey Bullock, accused of shooting a blonde girl (Mad Hatter has a fixation with them). After the trial Bullock is allowed to walk free, and eventually strikes up a friendship with Gumshoe when he flies down to Gotham to cheer his pals on.
Case 2: Thunderous Applause: From here on out, the trials take place over a few days, in the traditional Ace Attorney style with investigations and all that. The supervillains are Maxie Zeus and Victor Zsasz. The two of them are essentially on opposite ends of the spectrum on seriousness. Zeus genuinely believes that he is a reincarnation of the Greek god, so he’ll naturally assume Apollo and Athena are the vessels of their respective Olympian namesakes. (Also, apparently in one myth Athena is the one to invent and hold the very first court trial, which he’d definitely point out) While Zeus is bombastic as all hell, Zsasz is disturbingly subdued. Unlike most other supervillains, he has no grand schemes, costume or gimmick. He’s just a serial killer. The victim was a journalist (who was about to unveil Maxie Zeus’ secret gambling ring) and the accused is Vicki Vale, another reporter working on the same story.
Case 3: Cold As Ice: Catwoman is the defendant in this case, being accused of murdering business mogul Max Shreck, with The Penguin as the principal witness. Mr. Freeze is also there. The Penguin is very hot headed and easily angered, while Mr. Freeze never shows any emotion. He’s simply here to state “facts” and refuses to let himself be affected by any sort of emotional manipulation, with his calm state allowing him to quickly recover and think of ways to explain himself.
Case 4: Riddle Me This: The Riddler willingly let himself get put in this situation, specifically so he could test his wits against the legendary Wright Anything Agency. He has meticulously studied literally EVERY SINGLE case any of them has ever been involved in, and even more meticulously crafted his own perfect case. Bane is present as well, but is mostly used as Riddler’s patsy. The Riddler is frustratingly smug, always having an answer for everything. Multiple times he plants logic traps where trying to hurt his case just ends up hurting the defendant’s case even more. But when he’s finally outsmarted, and the attorney thinks of something he didn’t… he absolutely loses it. He goes from smug to Breakdown in mere seconds, ranting and raving about how this was all a setup to make fun of him, how they’re all jealous of him for his intellect, etc. After his rant, the verdict is about to be given… when Bane steps back in, points out a fallacy, and the rest of the case is against him. Despite his appearance of a dumb brute, Bane is a legitimate genius. He knew Riddler is incredibly intelligent and could wear down the defense, but he also knew that he’d crack due to his pride. So Bane remained quiet and in the background, only to step in at the end. But in the end, he’s proven as the murderer, and accused businessman Lucius Fox walks free.
Case 5: Living Hell: A guard at Arkham Asylum is murdered, with fellow guard Aaron Cash being the primary suspect. The main witness is Killer Croc, who in addition to having a personal rivalry with Aaron Cash, is also just absolutely terrible at making a case for himself. Unlike Bane, Killer Croc is as dumb as he looks. It looks like a slam dunk case… until the second witness, Killer Moth, shows up. His testimony isn’t that good either, but the evidence he brings is. He arrived at the crime scene before the police, and fabricated evidence to implicate Aaron Cash. So the case is mostly about figuring out what evidence is fake and disprove it. With the evidence gone, the two Killers quickly crumble.
Case 6: Killing Joke: The final defendant is police commissioner Jim Gordon, and this case has three witnesses. The Joker, Harley Quinn (who’s in full Joker-fangirl mode) and Poison Ivy (who’s just here to help her BFF Harley). Joker mostly just thinks this entire thing is a hoot, and it’s hard to get much info out of him between his jokes. Harley on her end just spends her time corroborating Joker’s story and complimenting him, while Poison Ivy is the only one who actually gives a proper testimony.
Throughout the investigation portions, the attorneys meet Batman a few times, as he’s busy working to disarm the bombs. After the final case, the bombs are finally disarmed, and so him and the police storm the building, capturing all the criminals and preventing any civilian casualties.
Mad Hatter: Grabs his hat, throws it to the ground and stomps on it enraged. He then goes down to pick it up, and wears his flattened hat for the rest of the trial.
Maxie Zeus: Struck by lightning, leaving him charred and frizzled.
Victor Zsasz: Hits his fist on the table, glaring furiously into the camera.
The Penguin: His monocle falls off and shatters as he screams, his hat flies into the air, and his umbrella opens.
Mr. Freeze: Calmly leans his head forward, with his elbows on the table and his fingers interlocked.
The Riddler: Rips at his hair, hits the table, froths as the mouth.
Bane: His muscles bulge as Venom surges through them, and he punches the stand so hard it breaks in two.
Killer Croc: Bites the stand and rips off a big chunk with his teeth.
Killer Moth: A swarm of moths fly over him and eat off large parts of his costume.
The Joker: His smile slowly lowers into a snarl, and he says “Not funny.”
Harley Quinn: Pulls at her harlequin hat until she rips both ends off, revealing her pigtails underneath.
Poison Ivy: All her plants and flowers stand up in shock, then wilt.
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2021.10.19 09:58 User1178 Can the Uchiha clan mod ever be ported to Xbox Series X/One?

As the title says i would really like to see it ported and was wondering if its possible.
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2021.10.19 09:58 Deathxpector Gotham's predator!!!!.....Batman (revoltech action figure)

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2021.10.19 09:58 corona_radiata69 Never Meddum

Can we turn never meddum into never never hated the guy?
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2021.10.19 09:58 Prog89 Describing how my mind feels/works to a co worker.

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2021.10.19 09:58 AntoniaGCrowder That’s the most involved flip book imagery I’ve ever seen.

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2021.10.19 09:58 erinerniecha My (31F) drunk bf (32M) called me a wildebeest

Honestly reading the title would crack me up if I wasn’t personally involved. My bf of four months invited me to his place (it’s the only place we hang out) and he kept backing up the time which was frustrating. Then around 7:30 he called me, I could tell he was drunk.
I hung up and texted him that I could tell and he should just get sleep and we’d hang out another night (this was after he texted that he was going to stream on twitch while I was there).
He proceeded to drunk text me back and in the text called me a wildebeest. I googled it and it’s apparently something guys call girls that are really fat and ugly.
I called him out and he said he didn’t mean it like that. My basic question is - do I stick around? I already have body image issues (just some extra COVID weight, standard stuff). The thought about being naked and vulnerable around him ever again rn is a no go 🙅‍♀️
TL;DR my bf drunk texted me calling me a wildebeest and I already have self image issues. Should I cut it off?
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2021.10.19 09:58 TwoOneBadgaming Today is the first day of my sergeant career

I finished the first Health Checkup and completed the psychology Test with a score of 7/9
The Next thing is a 48h Test without sleep and many Physical and Mental Challenges.
And why do i post this here because all my friends and Family are at work and i want to tell someone because i am really excited
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2021.10.19 09:58 Sykkoh_ Not a bad title

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2021.10.19 09:58 suusuus 18-14 okt: AH muesli, AH rijstwafels, alle Glassex, Alle Aviko Supercrunch, AH ham

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2021.10.19 09:58 Tomayto_Tomahato Jenna Fischer vs Emmanuelle Chriqui

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2021.10.19 09:58 Alive_Ad_8120 Should I trade DJ Moore for Darrell Henderson

View Poll
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2021.10.19 09:58 rinrinisthebest Questions regarding recommendation forms/transcript of grades

Hi! SHS student here applying for SY 2022-2023. I have a few questions lang po regarding the application process, kung okie lang hehe.
How long does it usually take for OAA to message your school's registrar regarding your transcript of grades/recommendation forms? I tried contacting our registrar about this, but they told me that they haven't received an e-mail yet. Will OAA send the request once you have finished your application form AND essay? Saka yung registrar ng school din ba yung mismong magsesend ng mismong recommendation form ng principal, or kahit kami na ang gagawa nun sa portal?
Sorry, super daming tanong! Will probably delete this soon enough huhu :( Thank you sa mga sasagot hihi <33
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