Baneo de server de Discord tico

2021.12.06 23:24 Mondra_1221 Baneo de server de Discord tico

Me dieron ban por el ser el Carepicha perooo el que está para todo mundo y siempre trata de hacer reír a los demás aunque ande como el cu** La dueña del server es una chica muy amable pero suele ser muy infantil. Mi comentario fue. “Alguien que me acompañe al City por mis compras navideñas con comida y pases incluidos” Por VC Nadie dijo nada o me dijeron que no podían. Al día siguiente en son de Broma y sarcasmo “Los odio nadie me acompaño xd” Y pfff afuera
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2021.12.06 23:24 TomatoSolid6512 Ya basically..

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2021.12.06 23:24 thighsandwhispers A demonstration of what Spider-Man can create with his webbing includes skis and a raft (Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1, 1964)

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2021.12.06 23:24 dellmas_strolling_by Where can I read the whole LN?

While waiting for the next chapter of the manga, I decided to read the LN. As far as I know, it has been licensed and I've read all the way till Volume 3, but the rest? Hard to find, especially when I can't buy the official releases.
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2021.12.06 23:24 Bitter-Camel Done by Jacob Young - elm street tattoo, Dallas TX

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2021.12.06 23:24 Eirlein Wont start.

''Finished'' the car, wiring was a nightmare as last times.
When i try to start the lights turn on, but no sound at all.. any ideas?
Maybe worth mentioning that when i thighten one screw on the battery, something in the engine starts to spark a little, it stops when i thighten both screws.
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2021.12.06 23:24 scoobydoo0919 Found out that cum means with in latin, can't wait for my teacher to be reading this story out loud tomorrow when we have to translate it

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2021.12.06 23:24 InvestigatorJaded173 Mystic Being - twerking big ass :">

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2021.12.06 23:24 HeStoleMyBalloons Railroad tracks through Lawachara National Park, Bangladesh

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2021.12.06 23:24 LapusCactus Ok Imma keep doing this till Christmas. Top comment gets to put something on the tree and see my terrible photoshop skills

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2021.12.06 23:24 kylejay915 Enter the 36 chambers of the WuTang Clan

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2021.12.06 23:24 PixelateVision me when December ends and there's no more kongtent

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2021.12.06 23:24 Objective_Tip_2649 Didn’t put my banking information in until I dashed for a week . How do I get this week of pay initiative?

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2021.12.06 23:24 TroirstSchniaocs 🔥Panda Multiverse🔥 | 🚨FPS P2E GAME 🚨| 💰Free NFT Giveaway💰| BSC Token

BSC Token We are a devoted, doxed, and professional team working together for the first time on the same project. This is our first token launch as token owners. We have previously worked on multiple teams assisting with marketing, listings, and community leadership positions, but we are now achieving our aspirations of operating our own business. We have responsibilities in several renowned cryptocurrency groups and decided it was time to unite all of our efforts and create something extraordinary. The Panda Multiverse is first and foremost about its community and our commitment to helping one another, as well as our passion for Pandas! Aside from that, we are a reward token that pays out 1% BUSD to token holders and 4% BUSD to token holders who also own one of our BSC NFTs (with the ability to bridge the others). We are a cross-chain NFT platform that has an FPS P2E Zombie Panda game that rewards in legendary NFT pieces. We're also collaborating with other tokens to create their NFTs, giving further income and publicity back to the Panda multiverse Tokenomics 2% LP 6% MARKETING Holders of 4% NFT in BUSD 2% NFT HOLDERS' WEEKLY PAYDAY 1% DEV We have announced a new collaboration with FarmerDoge! We'll be creating their NFTs! In addition, FarmerDoge will be cultivating Panda Multi-verse in the near future, which will bring us massive volume and new holders only from this collaboration! We've also recently announced that each new investor who purchases a $50 minimum will receive a complimentary limited edition 8bit Panda NFT! Where else can you buy a tiny quantity of tokens and receive an NFT as a welcome gift? Panda Multiverse is continually rewarding its fans with gifts and games based on our own Telegram and Discord communities! Our cross-chain NFT sales and ability to bridge them help us separate from other typical initiatives. And our FPS P2E Zombie Pandas game is on a completely different level of professionalism; it is nothing short of spectacular! This is a must-play for both gamers and crypto aficionados! Our game will include branding and marketing as though it were its own metaverse that changes over time. One of our more ambitious aims (you heard it here first) is to have a Panda multi-verse NFT Temple within the TCG metaverse. More specifics coming soon. We can't provide everything at once, and of course, our NFTs are hand-created masterpieces you can only acquire within the Panda multi-verse! Our initial 250 NFTs on BSC sold very quickly, leaving many people wanting more. So, as we waited for our deal to be completed, we put an extra 250 on BSC, and they sold out even faster! We sold 550 NFTs in total in the run-up to our token launch, generating additional income for marketing and assisting with liquidity. We are actively minting on SOL and searching for extra usefulness for SOL holders to profit from without needing to bridge back to BSC for incentives. In addition to NFT purchases, the Panda Multiverse will generate other revenue streams through our P2E game, in which players may spend in-game money and other projects can pay to advertise in-game (2 already on board). In addition, we will offer a line of personalized clothes and one-of-a-kind shoes to help generate marketing income for the project. In addition, our NFT artists will collaborate with other projects on their NFTs, generating more revenue for the Panda Multiverse. We're here to have a good time, trade beautiful art, form strong bonds, support the Pandas, and help one another grow as tall as the tallest bamboo! "In an infinite multiverse, there is no such thing as fiction." PandaMultiverse Contract : 0xB1B4b9156D4d894923C3213CE4ed79076015c485 PancakeSwap : LP Locked : Ownership Renounced :
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2021.12.06 23:24 thelcor Please don't leave our reset stuff outside. Critters move into them otherwise

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2021.12.06 23:24 AgitatedData Polly has purple eyes, cool.

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2021.12.06 23:24 IronWolve We can relate.

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2021.12.06 23:24 TrulyJangly Round 2! (Someone requested more, that’s all the encouragement I needed…) can you name these fictional characters?

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2021.12.06 23:24 jmaca90 My SIC requesting early dinner service.

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2021.12.06 23:24 Randevu Is there a way to increase the ruler text size or display the number differently?

Hello there! I've looked around but haven't found the answer I'm looking for yet. I'm tired of putting my face into my monitor trying to figure out what number on the ruler my lines are at. Is there a way to either increase these numbers or have the ruler lines that you can drag on/off display the number that they are on when moving? I feel like I've seen this second option in another adobe product, maybe premiere.
Any help is appreciated, thanks!
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2021.12.06 23:24 CapitalCourse Joe Rogan posted this on his instagram story...

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2021.12.06 23:24 Astr0naut1nThe0cean Reminder.

Just a reminder people: The morons you see online, remember if they ever threaten you for something stupid, you could most likely fucking pummel them to the ground.
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2021.12.06 23:24 dounft Advice needed on getting story animated

I am looking for some advice here. I have a great little Christmas story. I've had it for like ten years now. Things keep coming up and I never get around to doing anything with it. I have gone back and forth on how to do it, book screenplay, etc. Anyway it needs to be an animation, it just does. I sculpted the characters years ago and was going to do claymation but that was so time consuming. I started learning Blender but that seems like it is going to take a crazy amount of time too. So I stated thinking I should just get someone else to animate it, someone that already knows what they're doing. What kind of cost is involved? How is it priced? Style? Time? Number of characters? It's about a 30 minute story. It may be cost prohibitive for me now I don't know. I would like it done right though. Is there another way to get it made?
I just saw the seeking collaboration flair when I went to post this. didn't know that was a thing - how does that work?
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2021.12.06 23:24 Strangemoose25 Parents of Reddit, what the weirdest thing your kids have asked for for Christmas?

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2021.12.06 23:24 Godcreateduniverse My son is 5 years old and has mild autism—please read description and give me some advice.

No one could tell my son has autism but I graduated in the field child development so I picked up on the very minor red flags.

  1. He can’t play with himself; he needs help with imaginative play and ideas during play. I can build so many things with blocks but he cannot come up with ideas and will give up. He’s always bored even though one living room was made into a play area. He wants quick results and is impatient.
  2. He thinks black and white—logic is important. Likes concrete concepts. His teacher said he is the most black and white kid she has ever met.
  3. Sensory: we went to a wedding and he said the loud music was bothering him. Twinkle twinkle little star used to make him cry when he was a child and up till this day it’s a no, no. But loud music bothers me too and drains me mentally.
  4. He is obsessive with friends—prefers one friends rather than group of friends because it’s difficult socializing/keeping up with many children.
  5. He sniffs me for comfort: my nose because he says it’s soft. But I love smelling my husbands shirt for comfort or smelling him when I hug him.
Does this all sound like autism? How can I support him? I am trying to work on black and white thinking. I am telling him to only sniff my cheeks. He does not do that in public though. He knows what is acceptable and unacceptable in public gathering. He does have difficulty with friends and is sensitive to their comments and extremely competitive with them.
Anything? I am a mother and wish the best for my child.
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