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The family of rulers had a specific liquid diet. Breakfast is coffee, lunch is lemonade...

2022.01.20 10:09 incredibleinkpen The family of rulers had a specific liquid diet. Breakfast is coffee, lunch is lemonade...

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2022.01.20 10:09 Shoddy-Team-7199 Jojo fans

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2022.01.20 10:09 Possible_Abrocoma_22 Polish LOT plane struck by lightning, forced to land

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2022.01.20 10:09 wheresmytopping [For Hire] I will create landing page websites using React/Vue.js and write sales copy for it

Hi! If I got your attention to this point, you're probably looking to make your business skyrocket. If I still have you reading, I'd like to extend my offer to create responsive, user-friendly and highly converting landing pages for you that's going to be a surefire to:

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2022.01.20 10:09 shannonerhea App Academy live info sesh today!

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2022.01.20 10:09 Far-Structure-9990 Any help with these results ? 🤷‍♂️googled it dunno if it’s bad or not

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2022.01.20 10:09 JoOngle G915 lightspeed - RGB gaming keyboard flaking off paint

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2022.01.20 10:09 JoaNoob Eye contact.

We just keep making eye contact. She's either interested in me in some way or another or she thinks I'm creepy and is checking if I'm looking at her. And I'm hoping it's the first one.
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2022.01.20 10:09 suck_it_69 Is it normal for mead to get darker with age. It's nearly a year old and was more like a white wine at the start.

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2022.01.20 10:09 Possible_Abrocoma_22 Turkey's central bank ends string of interest rate cuts

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2022.01.20 10:09 Ok-Importance-8613 Why are majority of characters in The Martian (2015) movie so young?

Why are majority of characters in The Martian 2015 movie so young?
Are astronomers and top scientists really that young (below 40), or is it just for aesthetics?
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2022.01.20 10:09 Foshizzlemynizzle90 Druddigon on me. Trying to add 10, starting in 3-4min

8414 9284 5366
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2022.01.20 10:09 Zetakh Granny Golden's Care

Originally posted as this PI about working dragons!
Granny Golden’s Day-and-Night Care and Boarding School - Watching over your treasures as if they were our own!
The ad, framed by colourful flowers with gilded leaves, certainly drew the eye in the sea of bland white text of the newspaper. Marketh frowned as he stared at it. Strangely poetic language for a simple childcare facility, but he was rather desperate at this point. His sudden reassignment to Night Watch duties out of nowhere meant he needed to find an option for his son while his partner was away on tour - and this seemingly newly-opened place was the only option he’d found on short notice.
He couldn’t rely on his neighbours forever, especially when Samuel’s sleep had started to suffer by moving between houses on the daily.
He resolved to pay the place a visit in the morning, on his way home.
“Have you got all your things, kiddo?”
Samuel nodded, his tousled brown hair bouncing. “Yes, dad! I’ve got my book, my pencils, nightclothes, and an extra set for tomorrow!”
“That’s my lad. Let’s go, then! Granny’s isn’t far.”
The sun had just begun to set as they left and began making their way through the winding streets of the town, Marketh’s mail jingling softly with every step upon the cobblestones. Granny’s school was just outside the town walls, near the eastern gate. He’d have preferred the place within the boundary of the town proper, but he’d had to take what he could get.
“So who’s granny?”
Marketh blinked as his son’s question shook him out of his thoughts. “Sorry?”
Samuel tilted his head up to look at him. “It’s called Granny Golden’s, right? So who’s Granny Golden? Did you meet her?”
“Uh- you know, Sam, I actually didn’t! The lady I talked to, Maria, said she hadn’t woken up yet. Granny usually oversees bedtime and story time, I was told - so I guess it’ll be a surprise!”
“I hope she’s nice.”
“I’m sure she is - and if she isn’t, you tell me and we’ll find somewhere else for you to stay, alright?”
“Okay, dad.”
Marketh leaned down conspiratorially. “You wanna hear my guess?”
Samuel frowned quizzically. “What?”
“I bet she’s some old rich lady who misses having kids around the house, who’s going to spoil you and all the other kids rotten. Probably make you pancakes for breakfast every morning!”
“Oh, awesome!
They passed through the Eastern gate. A short ways down the road, they could see what looked like a cozy cottage, surrounded by a fenced-in garden filled with flowering fruit trees and berry bushes. Marketh was surprised by how small it looked, seeing it now in the bright light of the spring sunset. He pursed his lips slightly, but resolved to keep an open mind. Perhaps it would be a bit cramped, but they’d readily accepted his application for Samuel this morning - so surely they had to have the room to accommodate him.
“Wow,” Samuel murmured as they passed through the gate and into the garden proper. “Pretty.”
“It sure is,” his father agreed. “And I’ll bet there will be tons of fruits and berries in the summer!”
“There certainly is!”
Marketh and Samuel jumped in unison as they heard the sudden voice. The door to the cottage had opened to reveal a young woman standing in the doorway, smiling brightly at them. She was dressed in a simple dress and apron, her hair tied in a neat braid.
“Welcome back, Sir Marketh! I take it this is young Samuel?”
He nodded. “It is indeed, Maria! Good to see you again.” He looked down at his son, who’d hidden behind his legs. “Samuel, this is Maria. She’s very nice, I promise.”
The boy braved a small wave. “Hi.”
“Hi yourself,” Maria answered, smiling. “Why don’t you come inside, young man, and meet the rest of the group, as well as Granny? We’re about to have supper and story time, so your timing is perfect!” She looked back to the boy’s father. “You are of course welcome to come inside and meet everyone too, Sir.”
Marketh blanched as he looked at the sun. “Oh, hell’s bells, the walk took a little longer than I thought. I have to get to my post.” He squatted down and wrapped Samuel in a tight hug. “You be good now, son, and brave. I’ll be back to get you in the morning, alright?”
Samuel sniffed, returning the hug. “Yes, dad.”
“Good lad. Now go on - I’ll see you soon.
“We’ll take great care of him Sir!” Maria agreed, extending a hand for Samuel to grasp. “Have a good night!”
“Thank you, Maria. Same to you - and good night, son!”
His son held Maria’s hand as they stepped over the threshold. “Goodnight, dad! Bye!”
As the door shut and Marketh heard the key turn in the lock, he dearly hoped he’d done the right thing.
’Go on, get outta here, lad! You’re no good to me if you’re so distracted you jump at shadows! Go check on your boy.’
It was still full dark when he returned to the little cottage and knocked on the door. His Captain had seen how anxious he’d been as his shift had dragged on, and chased him home a few hours early.
A bleary-eyed Maria opened the door. “Oh! Sir Marketh, hello! We didn’t expect you until dawn!”
He smiled apologetically. “Yes, I hope you’ll forgive me - I got out of my shift a little earlier than expected.”
“Of course, come on in! I’m afraid Samuel and the other children are likely still asleep - Granny is watching over them.”
He nodded gratefully as he stepped inside and looked around the room. Just like he’d seen on his first visit, it was an almost bare hall with a simple desk, a few shelves with ledgers, and a little sleeping nook in one corner - no doubt where Maria had been resting up until a moment ago, judging by the rumpled bed.
There was a single door beyond the desk - though the idea it could house an entire sleeping chamber for several children didn’t quite add up in his mind’s eye.
“Speaking of Granny - may I meet her?”
Maria smiled. “Of course, Sir! Just head through that room and down the stairs. The sleeping chambers are at the very end of the hall, you can’t miss it.” She yawned. “Oh, pardon me. Do you mind seeing yourself down?”
Down the stairs? The chambers are in the cellar?’
“That’s fine, thank you. You get some more rest.”
Maria nodded gratefully and retreated to her bed.
Marketh shrugged, opened the door, and began down a long, narrow, but well-kept stairway made of stone, that led far deeper than he expected. He found himself in a tunnel, with wooden floor and lined with little lanterns along the walls. Paintings hung from the walls - framed childlike scribbles in all sorts of colours and sizes. At the far end, a door painted with stars and heavenly bodies stood closed, a gentle light shining from beneath it.
He knocked, a few soft raps, mindful of the supposedly-sleeping children within.
The voice that answered was soft and warm. “Enter - but mind the noise, if you please!”
Marketh eased the door open, slipped in, and eased it shut behind himself. Then he looked up to meet Granny Golden - and felt his heart leap into his throat.
The sleeping chamber was a massive underground cave of natural rock - and curled up within it, sleeping children wrapped in blankets and curled up beneath its wings - a massive, golden-scaled dragon. It regarded him calmly, chest rising and falling with a gentle rhythm as it breathed, scales glittering in the lantern-light.
He gulped, fighting to keep calm. “Uh- uh, Granny Golden?”
The dragon nodded slowly, sniffing the air before it straightened again. “Indeed, that is I. And you, young man, are young Samuel’s father, correct?”
“Um, yes. Yes, yes I am. Is he-?”
Granny’s mouth opened in a sharp-toothed smile as she lifted one wing to reveal her side. “See for yourself, young man. He has been a perfect delight during his stay and remains so still.”
There, in the crook of Granny’s foreleg, lay his son. Arms splayed as if to hug the giant reptile, sleeping soundly.
Marketh released a held breath, leaning against the door. “Pardon my reaction, uh, Granny. I wasn’t expecting, well –”
She tilted her head and winked knowingly. “A dragon headmistress?”
“Indeed. My guess was a rich old lady with empty nest syndrome…” he went white as he realised he’d said it aloud.
Granny Golden covered her muzzle with a claw, her entire body shaking as she tried to suppress her laughter. “Oh, you young rascal! Warn an old dam when next you joke like that! Your guess was not too far off, though - beyond a level of scale, that is!”
Marketh gave the grinning dragon a gimlet stare. “Well, I suppose this does explain the treasure advertisement.”
She nodded again. “Why yes. Hoarding gold is for the youngsters - I much rather hoard the affection of my young charges. Payment from their dams and sires is a mere bonus. Rest assured, Sir Marketh - your treasure is safe beneath my wings for as long as he remains.”
As he lowered his gaze to look at his son, resting so contently at Granny’s side, Marketh felt his last doubts disappear. Replaced by the warm comfort of certainty.
He met Granny’s eyes with a smile. “I believe you, Granny. I haven’t seen him rest so peacefully since my Night Watch duties began.”
“Then it has been my pleasure to ease some of your worries, young man.”
Marketh’s next words died on his lips as he yawned, his jaw creaking. “Oh, pardon me–”
“It seems your son is not the only one in need of rest.” Granny shifted slightly, making room on a sleeping mat next to her leg where Samuel slept. “Come, young man. Rest a while and join us for breakfast in the morning.”
He was about to object, but the look in Granny’s eyes and the tone of her voice brooked no argument. “Yes, Granny.”
“Good lad.”
He settled next to his son, leaned against Granny Golden’s warm hide.
He was out within minutes.
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2022.01.20 10:09 FPleFP [QC]-Nike sacai Vaporwaffle Black and White-450¥-From H12

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2022.01.20 10:09 HomeBuyer129 Builder refuses to handover plan drawings

I bought a new build last year from one of the big builders. During the final meeting with sales pre purchase, they showed me all the plan drawing that included electrical wiring drawings of the house (I recorded the meeting for my reference).
Looking through all the documents they handed me over post purchase, I noticed that electrical drawings were missing among few other drawings that I don't care about. I am not sure if I will ever use it but I thought it might be a nice to have document just in case so I contacted the builders but they told me that they don't give out copies of electrical drawings as their policy (no reason given). I am bit passed off that I cannot have a drawing they hold for my house but on the flip side I might never find the drawing useful.
I am curious if this is a normal practise from builders. Also curious to see if anyone had any experience where they found an electrical plan drawing useful.
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2022.01.20 10:09 mrknowitnothingatall Anyone see a shooting star/meteor this morning?

Was driving north 270 right before page at about 6:45am and looking to the north I swear I saw something flash across the sky. Any body else?
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2022.01.20 10:09 SnooMachines8811 I keep masturbaiting every 2 days

it’s been 6 days since i watch porn but i keep masturbaiting every 2 days any advice
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2022.01.20 10:09 Sage_Simper How many white people do you think are in the world right now?

View Poll
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2022.01.20 10:09 19senzafine81 Breakup/Proposal

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2022.01.20 10:09 tacomeup Is Wisconsin-Milwaukee a good university?

I only read a lot about Wisconsin Madison but I’d love to know about Milwaukee
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2022.01.20 10:09 peptobishmol People with more than 1 child, why?

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2022.01.20 10:09 Greyhuk Was Joe Rogan Right? Dr Comes To Podcaster’s Defense, Legacy Media EXPLODES Over Myocarditis Debate

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2022.01.20 10:09 The-Real-Pai-Mei What happened to Seer was a tragedy.

I watch tournaments and stuff like that and I don’t see him at all. Bloodhound is still the #1 legend for seeing what people are doing or where they are. Why did Respawn release Seer just to destroy him into dust? You knew how he would play before you released him. YOU MADE HIM. So why destroy him? I mean sure people were upset so they nerfed him but my god it was clearly overkill.
And the crazy thing is bloodhound was still very close to him if not better. Constant wall hacks during his ult, can see tracks as a passive with a time on how long ago they were made, shows if people were wounded, 30% movement boost in ult, can see through all smoke and gas during ult, can see anyone within his view as they glow red so you know how far out people are, AND you get an extra 5 seconds on your ult for a knockdown or kill I believe. You also can’t destroy it like Seers ult. I mean why is no one mad at bloodhound? Where is all the rage?
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2022.01.20 10:09 AltrossGamez Altross Gamez Channel Trailer! - Thanks for watching the video, and if you enjoy my content, then consider subscribing!

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2022.01.20 10:09 vorpal8 What food have you learned is too messy, smelly, or otherwise uncivilized to EVER eat at work?

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